Try signing out your apple and then signing back troubleshoot facetime waiting for activation error ipad pro. How activate imessage. Does imessage have issue verifying your account here are some troubleshooting tips this will allow you send and receive messages other iphone ipad. Just dismiss the error message settings leave imessage and continue your way. Learn how fix facetimeimessage activation error your iphone ipad fix imessage and facetime activation errors with ios ios ios 8. Jan 2018 you can longer sign your imessage account facetime one these solutions might help. Are you getting imessage activation error after updating your device ios dont worry here are full solutions for you fix the problem. Read fix ios imessage not working iphoneipad. Cannot sign into imessage facetimebecause already try the solution. Turn the iphone ipad and off again. Following hundreds mar 2016 u00b7 cannot activate ipad ios 9. Jan 2013 had this issue fatherinlaw had replaced his iphone with samsung galaxy iii. How fix imessagemessage not working on. For activation imessage error any iphone ipad.. See that helps how set and activate imessage for iphone and ipad. No worries heres fix for imessage. When add email get error message saying imessage activation error description not. It should work just fine without activating the phone number with. If you are getting imessage activation error occurred during activation try again error fix the imessage waiting for activation. If youre getting activation error. How resolve most imessage and facetime activation issues under minutes. Hi all have 4th generation wifi ipad. Fix waiting for activation imessage and facetime. Home support apple apple ipad apps widgets turn imessage off apple ipad. Here are the quick guide and help for who are hesitated imessage not delivered imessage error from iphone and ipad. I reset the ipads erasing all contents and open source software for running windows applications other operating systems. Imessage great feature but comes with its own set issues. Issue how fix imessage not working iphone ipad ipod hello all. Imessage waiting for activation. How set imessage the ipad. Facetime imessage waiting for activation. If you get error when trying activate imessage facetime apple support. Turn facetime back settings facetime. If you failed fix your error using reimage. Fix imessage waiting for activation error on. Facetime over cellular connection today att announced change its facetime over cellular policy. Any suggestions you are facing the common issue imessage and facetime waiting for activation error. Solve the problem error occurred during activation

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Ipad users rely the imessage app and service. System facetime facetime activation error occurred during. Got new ipad and cant activate imessage. Jul 2017 from messages not being delivered effects not working heres how fix common problems with the imessage service iphone ipad. Whenever try activate imessage ipad gives the message that there has been error activation try again. Here are steps fix imessage activation error code iphone ipad and ipod touch. The imessage activation error may happen. Facetime waiting for activation error ipho. Imessage error from former apple employee learn all about imessage and how diagnose and fix common problems with imessage iphone ipad and ipad